“One of the first things you learn in the health and fitness industry is that you cannot out train a bad diet and this was the biggest reason we decided to sign up with Tersia and her Nutrition Dr team. Tersia's invaluable service is the reason we decided to continue with Nutrition Dr and we are very proud to be able to work alongside her and her team.

We wanted to add value to the clients experience - our ultimate goal is not to just train clients but to help clients not only like themselves but really love themselves. We quickly learned that our passion and Tersia's passion aligned and that her heart was to help our clients as if they were a client sitting in front of her in her office.

She does not only supply a meal plan to our clients but she does guide them, motivate them and walk this journey with them - she is there every step of the way and we are extremely grateful for her love and passion for our clients progress.

Tersia has assisted us with every query and every client we have ever send her way - we never have to wonder if she is going to assist the client - she always does and this does take a lot of admin work from our shoulders as we don't have to follow up with her regarding a client’s query.

Time and time again I receive very positive feedback from our clients after they spoke to Tersia regarding a bad Inbody / struggling with a diet - she does have a way to motivate the client in a calm and loving way.

Clients absolutely love the fact that we have a Nutrition Dr to assist them, there are times that clients to have a medical issue that we cannot give advice on or assist them with and they feel very comfortable discussing their issue with Tersia - I know that we would not be able to give these clients the service we wanted to if we did not have her on our team.

There are also times that a client would like in depth feedback regarding their eat sheet or want to discuss changes that they can make to their diet etc, in peak times we do not have time to have these discussions with our clients and as this is a service we really want to offer it is amazing to know that we can take down the clients query and refer it directly to Tersia who will be able to assist them and have these discussions with them.

We do not have her knowledge and we do prefer Tersia to handle our clients Nutrition queries directly as we have seen positive results with the changes and advice she has given these clients. The clients really appreciate the extra mile the studio goes to get them the correct help from a them.

It definitely does feel like we are part of the same team working towards the same goals with our clients. Her service, knowledge and advice is invaluable, we would recommend her service to anyone and we are very excited to continue working with Tersia and her team.”

Lulu Weppenaar - Lifestyle Centurion

Before / After

“We at body20 Brooklyn want to thank you very much for all your support and advice regarding nutrition the past year and a half.

It has helped many of our clients to lose a substantial amount of weight as well as our trainers to be able to advise the clients on what they should and should not eat. It is often a topic between the clients and trainers of what the nutrition doc has sent out this week and how amazing it tastes or how easy it is to follow.

We as a studio encourage and advise every franchisee to enroll all their members as it motivates them to take accountability for their own healthy eating.”

- Body20 Brooklyn team